We are a service provider worthy of your trust.

Tony — Binbrook Ontario
"I contacted Nutech in early February 2014 to inquire about the cost and installation of a Generac Generator. Dealing with Dean and the Nutech team, I found them to be reliable, prompt, and courteous. The installation was completed exactly as promised, with no delays. I was given maintenance advice on the day of installation by the Nutech electrician and taking everything into account I was quite pleased with Nutech’s sales and service."
Kelly — Property Co-ordinator
"Thank you very much for having polite, qualified, understanding technicians who respect my building, time and dollar. Your guys are always lovely to deal with and keep my Maintenance Manager in a constant loop of communication/information. It makes managing this building that much easier and I cannot thank you all enough. It is a true pleasure doing business with Nutech!"
Karen – Executive Director
"This letter is in reference to Nutech Fire Protection Co . Ltd. and the services provided to us. Nutech has been servicing our locations in Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster, Milton and Oakville since 2012, providing annual inspections and repairs to our various locations. These inspections include the annual testing of our building’s sprinkler system, fire extinguisher tests, emergency lighting, fire hoses, etc.

The Nutech staff is responsive to our service orders and provides competitive quotes in the requested time periods. We are happy with the workmanship and quality of service and repairs."
Jo-ann — Purchasing Agent
Nutech Fire Protection has been serving our Non-Profit Homes and housing portfolio and our corporate office for over 20 years.

Nutech Fire Protection technicians provide the following services pursuant to the Ontario Fire Code:
  • Monthly Inspections that include building specific requirements such as fire alarm systems, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers in addition to service to complete deficiencies
  • Annual Inspections that include building specific requirements such as fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, fire hoses, pull stations, fire pump and standpipe in addition to service to complete deficiencies
  • Service to maintain or replace intercom systems, service to maintain or replace security camera system
Nutech Fire Protection sales, marketing and technicians are knowledgeable, professional, responsive, dependable and cordial. We would highly recommend Nutech Fire Protection Co. Ltd. for your service needs. 
Phil — Maintenance Manager
"This letter is in reference to the services, inspections and repairs provided to our company. Nutech Fire has been performing annual inspections to our Burlington and Etobicoke locations since 2006.

The technician’s level of service has been excellent; they are courteous and try not to disturb employee’s routines. The annual inspections include building specific requirements such as fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, fire hoses, pull station, fire pump and standpipe. In addition to inspecting they also fix the deficiencies .

We have been very happy with the services they provide."
Kelly — Property Co-ordinator
First I would like to say that our return to Nutech has been the best move I’ve made as manager of this building. We have been THRILLED with the level of service and professionalism your tech’s have provided us. We had the pleasure of having Noel on site today to repair a Keyscan FOB reader; one of Board members was in the office and inquired about our entry system. Noel took the time to explain two options our system provides for our needs. As a result this Board Member has drafted an agreement for the rest of the Board of Directors to have ALL OTHER phone/technical contractors removed from the system. I will be contacting you next week to have a tech come and fix our entry system to suit the needs of the building. I cannot thank you enough for making my Board happy and keeping me sane.
Barbara – President
We are a property management firm that has been in operation for 45 years. Since 2011, we have been using Nutech Fire Protection for our fire protection and intercom needs. Nutech conducts our annual inspections, submits any deficiencies for approval, carries out the repair of deficiencies once approved, and makes recommendations on how to improve our equipment and/or techniques.

In addition, Nutech also attends to our building intercom systems, fire safety equipment repairs, and equipment upgrades when and where needed.

We are very satisfied with Nutech’s services. Not only are the people at Nutech knowledgeable and efficient, but Nutech always goes out of its way to ensure that the information we receive is accurate, timely, and easily understood by persons who are not in the fire safety business. For us as third party managers, these are important aspects of what we do.

We highly recommend Nutech Fire Protection for any of the services listed above.
Evan — Property Manager
This letter is in reference to Nutech Fire Protection Co. Ltd. and the services they provide. Nutech is responsible for annual, monthly and generator inspections for the properties that I manage.

Nutech’s Fire Protection inspections include all fire protection equipment including emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, alarm panels, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and hoses.

I have been pleased with Nutech Fire Protection services and repairs. 
Dan — Property Manager
Nutech Fire Protection Co. Ltd. has been servicing many properties for us since 2005. They provide us with annual & monthly inspections and generator inspections and repairs.

Nutech’s technicians give us prompt and courteous service. The buildings we manage require inspections of the fire alarm panels, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire hoses, pull stations, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, etc.

Nutech can also repair or replace any fire protection equipment that does meet with the Ontario Fire Code and will provide a quote to explain what needs to be done and the approximate cost.

We have been satisfied with the services they provide. 
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