Fire Safety Training (Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, Emergency Lighting)

Fire Safety Training

We are a service provider worthy of your trust.

Nutech Fire Protection is pleased to offer comprehensive training on fire safety and equipment using modern teaching methods, explained in layman terms so end users can easily understand. We were actually the first company in Ontario to offer Fire Extinguisher Digital Training, under the new health and safety guidelines, available both in-class and on-site – with no mess!    

Nutech also creates customized Fire Safety Plans in accordance to Section 2.8 of the Ontario Fire Code. We are proud to have as our plan writer a retired Fire Prevention Inspector to ensure all plans are written and designed to current requirements. As all plans require building drawings outlining the various systems, locations, exits etc., we engage professional draftsmen to create your building schematics. 
All Fire Safety Plans require the written approval of the Authority Having Jurisdiction and at Nutech we help you with this process by submitting the drafts, making any minor adjustments, and providing the approved copy to the building owner! We can also provide on-site training based upon the Plan, updates and revisions.
Give us a call to discuss your unique Fire Safety Training needs. 
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