Bucket Trucks

Repairing electrical lighting systems | ballast replacements

Bucket Truck Services

Denny’s Altec and Terex Bucket trucks can work from 10' to 71' at any angle providing great services to Car Dealerships – Property Managers – Retail Parking – Facilities Managers
Restaurants – Hotels – Office Buildings – Sports Complexes - Churches - and Banks.
Properly maintaining and repairing electrical lighting systems is crucial to everyone's overall safety, security and general appearance of your business. Our trained Electricians with experience in Commercial and Residential lighting can help you reduce your overall cost without ever cutting corners. 
 Ballast replacements
• Fixture or lens replacements or repairs
• Lens cleaning
• Light pole setting or repairs
• Trouble shooting
Building and security lighting
• Parking lot lighting
• Time clock adjustments, installations or repairs
• Photocell installations and replacements
Lamp replacements
• Additional light pole lighting
• light Pole base repairs & replacements

  • LED lighting retro-fitting
  • LED lighting repairs
  • LED Drivers
  • New LED fixtures
  • strip lighting
  • canopy lights
  • Wall packs
  • Electrical Sign repairs
  • Neon tube repairs
  • Neon transformers
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • LED's
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