The Ontario Fire Code, The National Fire Code and the Ontario Building Code set out
specific intervals for check, inspection and testing of Fire and Life Safety Equipment.
The various codes also outline the responsibilities of the various parties including
owners, managers, inspectors and the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Nutech Fire Protection Company Ltd. technicians are trained in the requirements and
provisions of the code to assist you in remaining compliant. Our inspections are done to
code, the deficiencies we identify are to bring you back to code and the recommendations
we make are based on the “best practice” theory.

Upon completion of an inspection we will send you a detailed and thorough report outlining the findings from the inspection coupled with a quote to repair any deficiencies. This detailed report is an excellent tool for you to use for budgeting purposes, as some items require specified periodic servicing or replacement regardless of use.

To assist you in staying current with the Fire Codes as well as to be able to conduct the various daily, weekly and quarterly inspections and tests we provide our customers with training either in our training facility or at your facility.

Nutech Fire Protection Co. Ltd. a service provider worthy of your trust!

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